Data is now a key asset to reach a new level of competitiveness. In the Big Data era, it is one of the pillars to improve sales and marketing processes and overall performance, not to mention, a legitimate decision making tool. Quality, security, management, supervisory bodies, etc.. The use of data creates new organisational needs, and thereby makes data governance a key issue for your company.

Data governance, what is it ?

Definition of Data governance

The term Data governance refers to all organisations, procedures and tools implemented within a company to govern the processing and management of data. From the collection of data to its…

Your challenges

For distributors and online tyre sales sites:

  • Monitor the consumer to tyres of the size approved for its vehicle depending on the season
  • Display the entire product catalogue available for a given vehicle and apply the associated commercial policy by brand or segment

For tyre manufacturers:

  • Analyse the coverage of the product catalogue in relation to the vehicle market to define the product plan
  • On the brand’s website, associate the products in the catalogue with a vehicle in order of priority according to the Marketing strategy and sales policy

The solution implemented

Lizeo.product Catalog : Vehicle and tyre data

Lizeo has a worldwide database of vehicle data and their associated tyre equipment to simplify the promotion of products intended for…

Whether private or independent, the distributor panel is an excellent tool to understand the market. All private panels have one thing in common: they allow tyre manufacturers to build a win-win relationship with their distributors. By providing the tyre manufacturer with a representative view of the distribution ecosystem in which it evolves, the private panel can also become a powerful tool to manage its strategic actions. What are the issues for its sponsor, the tyre manufacturer?

Reminders about the private panel

A private panel is sponsored by a customer named the “sponsor”. The latter will select the distributors it wants to involve in the panel…

A panel is an essential tool to understand the market in order to reflect the reality of the distributor’s sell-out market. As a specialist of the tire market, this article will approach it from this angle. but this can be transposed to any type of market. In a supply chain as complex as that of tires, it is crucial to implement a panel. In this context, panellists play a key role — that of collecting, processing, unifying and consolidating data. This task provides a response to the different challenges facing tire manufacturers and distributors. …

Product pricing is no easy feat. There must be a careful balance between the true value of the product without customers or end users feeling the price is unjustified. It can’t be too high nor can it be so low that the product’s brand is undervalued. It is a fine line between attracting consumer interest or losing a purchase to a competitor.

To persuade the consumer, the price must be convincingly advantageous. And this can be challenging in the Big Data era, when there is an abundance of competitor price data to scrutinise and learn from. …

Once your pricing data is collected and prepared, it is time for the analysis. But, when the volume of data is too large, a spreadsheet quickly shows its limits. To make the analysis more effective, your company must have high performance tools, that combine various functions: simulation, modelling, monitoring, etc. And, since the result of this analysis will be shared, discover our best practices to select the most suitable solution to achieve your business objectives but also for the final users of your analysis.

BI or Data Visualisation ?

Data Visualisation or Business intelligence: which is the best ally for your reporting strategy?

If you have sufficiently worked on your data to build KPIs and you are ready for…

Associated with incomplete product information, price data will quickly show its limits when you try to compare references from different ranges, websites or countries. The solution: refer to a comprehensive and high quality product database. What method to use? What is matching? How do you build a comprehensive reference base? Explanations.

Start a pricing analysis: a method in 3 steps.

  • To efficiently track the prices charged in the market, you must first define a scope for brands and data sources (or e-shops in the case of web scraping).
  • You then need to determine, in detail, which competitors’ products you want to track as a priority. At this stage, it…

As an analyst, you want to monitor and understand your market prices. The objective? Set the most appropriate price possible in a competitive market and as such, maximize revenue. In this context, perhaps you have already collected competitor prices. If this is the case, congratulations: it is the first essential step! But, do you have the ability to correctly analyze this data? Discover the price indicators to monitor in your Business Intelligence and reporting tools.

1/ Monitor your competitors’ pricing trends

The analysis of competitors’ prices will allow you to better identify and understand the main trends in your market (promotions, seasonality, etc). …

In a mature and highly competitive market, your pricing strategy is a powerful tool to increase sales volume and achieve sustainable growth. In this context, from a consumer’s point of view, competitive products have similar features, so focusing on dynamic pricing is an efficient method to stay ahead.

Competitive pricing : set the price of your products through a precise knowledge of the market

How do you guide the consumer’s choice to buy your products rather than competitor’s products, without systematically falling into the lowest price trap? Part of the response lies in implementing an efficient competitive pricing strategy, a concept based on a daily detailed analysis of the offer and competitor’s prices.

It is one…

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